Hope in Ghosts is Ted Flynn, Chicago-based guitar anti-hero. A veteran of the L.A. and Chicago indie rock scenes, Hope in Ghosts previously released an EP that garnered immediate press comparisons with Slint and Seam. As with the EP, his debut full-length album, All your Departures, is predominantly instrumental, using differing guitar tones, layers and arrangements to sonically represent the cycle of emotions involved when losing someone, leaving, or being left.

Guest appearances on All your Departures include vocal contributions from label-mates electro-pop wunderkind Jon Monteverde (aka XYZR_KX) and Jarrod Whittington of Brooklyn-based Autoharp, as well as the tremendous drumming of Chicago-based Chatty Cathy's Alan Takaoka.


All your Departures

All your Departures
2007, "Actually, Records" (act09)

All your Departures

2001, Self released