News 08.01.09

I'm a little late in reporting this, but I have a small, noodly guitar part on the new Japancakes single, "Behind the Mountains" (feat. Orenda Fink). Check out the dreamy video for the song directed by my friend Ryan Berg:

News 06.13.08

Petrograd in Transit

Why hello. Ted here. Hope in Ghosts is kind of on hiatus at the moment, but that's not to say I haven't been busy. I'm now hanging out in lovely St. Petersburg, FL and playing in a swell band called Petrograd in Transit. If you like Hope in Ghosts, you'll probably like my new band too. It's instrumental and really melodic. Plus there's keyboards in this project and they fill everything out nicely in a great 80's kind of way. Go check it out:
Last FM

We also have an e.p. available as a FREE download through Wise Owl Records, so head on over there and grab it.

News 05.24.07

All your Departures in Stores now + Tokyo!

The street date has passed, and the new record should be available in a brick and mortar indie record shop near you. It is, of course, also available in digital format from your preferred digital music store. Also, just in case you happen to be in Tokyo, Linus Records has got both the new record and the e.p. in stock, so stop in and say hi.

News 04.24.07

New song posted.

While the official release date of the new record, All your Departures, is still a couple of weeks away, that doesn't mean I can't offer up some exclusive tracks for my nearest and dearest site visitors. So yes, I uploaded a new called "Sorry Saint." It's a demo that didn't quite make it on the record. You can download it and everything. Think of it as a b-side - a future rarity perhaps? Get it now or you'll have to wait 20 years for the monster box set (with free HIG lunchbox).

"Sorry Saint" (mp3)

News 04.08.07

All your Departures now on iTunes

It's a good day when your record finally makes it to iTunes. Beyond the obvious benefits, you get to use a link on your site that includes the word "phobos." But enough of that, here's the link:
[Hope in Ghosts - All your Departures on iTunes]

In addition to iTunes, All your Departures has also been delivered to a ton of online stores such as:
Ruckus, Snocap, Audio Lunchbox and Rhapsody.

If you can't get it at those places yet, you'll be able to shortly.

News 03.21.07

New Album. New website.

All your Departures

[Pre-order All your Departures!]

Let's get the fun stuff out of the way right now, shall we? You're looking at the new Hope in Ghosts website, lovingly crafted in advance of the release of the first Hope in Ghosts full-length recording, All your Departures on Chicago's own ""Actually, Records." That's right, eight tracks of (mostly) instrumental and anthemic goodness inspired by all the sad, fleeting glimpses and the thoughts that trail after them. I think you will like it.

The official release date is May 8th, and the record will be available digitally as well as in CD format. It will most likely be available at your favorite local indie shop thanks to the fine folks at Carrot Top Distribution, and if it's not, poke the clerks with a stick and ask them to stock it. If you'd like to order a CD online, you can head over to Carrot Top's online storefront, Saki where if you like my music, you'll probably see a lot of other stuff you like on the shelves there as well.

More release updates to come. In the meantime, please wander around the site. There's a track from the new record available for download in the Media section, as well as a track from e.p., which is still available on iTunes and at